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2016 Nike Womens Spark Brilliance Pack Released
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2016 Nike Womens Spark Brilliance Pack Released

2016 Nike Women's Spark Brilliance Pack Released

Nike has unleashed the next wave of Women's boots that will be featured at the Olympics later this summer. Following after the men's version released last month, the exclusive Nike Women's Spark Brilliance Pack includes fresh new Hypervenom, Mercurial and Tiempo colorways. Each features a White and Blue upper with Red detailing, providing players with a very patriotic look. A perfect combo for wearing while winning gold medals!

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Men's vs Women's Sizing

The general rule of thumb is that women's sizes are labelled 1.5 sizes above men's. So, for example, if you are a size 9US men's you would be looking at ordering a 10.5US women's.Size and fit is an area where we have receive repeated questions over the past few months. It seems that a lot of male players really enjoy the women's colorway and need some help figuring out the fit and size.

That is a pretty close measurement, but it is not exact (per the graph below.) Rather than being a perfect like-for-like switch, each fit will sit as an in-between size, and thus the reason men's and women's sizes differ. If you were to order a 10US, it would likely fit just a little bit too tight, while ordering a 10.5US will likely give you a little bit extra space. But, it is a way smarter decision to go up a little extra bit and ensure they are not too tight.

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